Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Underworld: Hegarty vs Wicked Jennie

So we played my largely useless Wicked Jennie cast against the Black Katz. Wanting to use my newly painted control panels, we stuck them in a line across the middle of the table and gave a bonus of 2 Victory Points for each one we controlled at the end of 6 turns.

Jennie giving her cast a bit of a pre-match talking to.

A Black Kat getting ready to get medieval on my ass.

The objectives were placed along the centre of the table.

Jennie's gang started off in a sensible formation, but the Katz played some event which meant my opponent could rearrange them all in an annoying way.

Some of Jennie's gang trying to work out how to get over a wall.

Big 'Arry uses an invisible jet pack to fly into a commanding position.

Hegarty teleports in to make an early claim on one of the objectives.

The Black Katz approach the factory...

...and with two turns in a row, manage to take it unopposed.

Gra uses his infiltration to hang out with the Black Katz and pick off one of the stragglers.

Meanwhile, Jennie finally manages to organise her boys and get them somewhere near the factory.

Big 'Arry has the whole of the top storey to himself.

Jennie Mind Blasts one of the Katz, through the window,...

...and orders her boys to fill the factory with lead.

Meanwhile, Baggie drinks some invisibility potion.

Slim Jim finds some victims. He uses some sort of magical thing on one of them, making him all confused.

And a couple of Katz make their way to the final control room.

All the boys' SMGs mysteriously stop working and so they have little choice but to jump through the windows and begin kicking people in the head.

Jumping through windows and kicking people in the head turns out to be a surprisingly effective tactic.

Gra manages to shoot another of the Katz, and it starts to look grim for Hegarty and her cast.

Big 'Arry shoots Hegarty in the back.

Hegarty kills one of the boys...

...and then begins some strange sort of witch's para-fenestral mental duel with Jennie.

And Gra is killed, as the Katz begin to claw back some initiative.

Big 'Arry gets shot in the back, too.

Slim Jim decides magic is pretty useless compared to his fists of fury...

... and with a heroic surge, takes out three boys and claims one of the objectives.

Big 'Arry makes a surprisingly nimble manoeuvre, taking out a Kat as he goes through the window...

...and with his own heroic surge, takes out another Kat and claims a final objective, just clinching a narrow win for Wicked Jennie and her boys.


  1. I don't know anything about the game system but I'm glad Big Arry squeezed out a win at the last minute.

  2. Great game report. I love 7TV it such a great flexible game system.