Thursday, 11 July 2013

Battle for Greater Meaning

Here's another In Her Majesty's Name battle report. We played a three-way using stand-in figs for the Servants of Ra.

We played the Catch the Pigeon scenario, using a little girl fig for the pigeon.  The Servants of Ra piled into the centre towards the girl and Lord Curr, Mohan Singh, and Prior Flavius rushed in, too.

Meanwhile the Monks try to outflank Lord Curr's lot, sneaking behind some warehouses.

The incorrigibles get the high ground and shoot down on the town square, but the Nuns reply with the Fire of God, sending one of the ungodly foe plunging into the canal in flames.

One of the mummified priests tries to rush Mad Mick, who stands his ground and gets out the grenades, while four Servants of Ra mob Lord Curr: Ambullah, the guard captain, kills him with a mighty sword blow.

The other priest charges one of the monks, who decides discretion is the better part of loyalty to ones deity.

Akhenaton flies down into the middle of the nuns and starts dishing out the pain.

The monks in the warehouse district finally break through, killing a couple of incorrigibles, but it's all a bit irrelevant, as the main action is going on in the town square.

Mad Mick runs away from one of the mummified priests, while the other and Akhenaton surround another victim. The nubian guard manage to grab the girl, bringing a resounding victory for the Servants of Ra.

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