Thursday, 27 June 2013

Battle of Little Meaning

This was our first play of the IHMN rules: the Brothers of St. Vitus taking on Lord Curr's company. There wasn't much of a scenario, just the two sides fighting over the village of Little Meaning (presumably as a prelude to a fight for Greater Meaning).

Bishop Ignatius led his crusaders stoically towards the village up the main road, while Lord Curr brought his men through the woods and across the stream, towards the other side.

Ignatius and the nuns took the road junction and Prior Flavius took the monks through a field round the side of the village.

Meanwhile Lord Curr led his men to the bridge, while Lady Felicity and Mohan Singh spotted the monks as they approached the village.

Lady Felicity led her Incorrigibles across the road while Flavius and the monks waited to pounce.

Meanwhile, Lord Curr advanced across the bridge, exchanging fire with the nuns.

The incorrigibles in the village noticed the Bishop fighting for the bridge, and fired a speculative volley at him. And the Bishop was struck down, the first casualty of the game. Clearly god has a different plan for him.

The nuns, taking shelter on the edge of the forest rained holy fire down on Lord Curr's men and managed to kill one of them in revenge. So perish all non-believers.

The Monks chose this moment to strike, charging through the village towards Mohan Singh and Lady Felicity.

Meanwhile, Novice Sidney, not entirely sure of the plan, climbed up onto the roof to bear witness to the wrath of St. Vitus.

Lord Curr and his men took the bridge, and another nun shuffled off to a better place.

While Mohan Singh held off three monks, single-handedly, Prior Flavius righteously smote Lady Felicity's brains all across the road.

Filled with the holy spirit, the monks rushed on, surrounding Mohan Singh and attacking the Incorrigibles who were no match for god's chosen in hand-to-hand fighting.

Meanwhile, the nuns in the forest continued to call down fiery retribution on the twin blasphemies of science and innovation, sending Mad Mick McFarlane to everlasting torment, but in a good way.

And so, in what suddenly turned into a rout, Mohan Singh, one of his incorrigibles, and another of Lord Curr's soon joined Mad Mick. And the battle was over. God is good at IHMN.

In Memoriam Bishop Ignatius


  1. Very entertaining - thanks for that Sir Monkeylite!

  2. Very good looking game, especially with those great buildings in the background.

  3. Great looking terrain.

    Thank you for the after-action-report.