Friday, 31 May 2013

Brothers and Sisters of St. Vitus

Just been getting into In Her Majesty's Name, the Steampunk Skirmish rules from Osprey. I don't really have a lot of Victorian-looking stuff so have been making up a few company lists based on what minis I do have.

Here is the Brothers and Sisters of St. Vitus. Their chief weapon is Fire of God (which is based on the stats for a Carbine, but doesn't require a physical weapon), and Hand of God (Martial Artist). Two chief weapons, Fire of God, Hand of God, and the Abbot's Eye of God (which is simply a renamed Eye of Odin)...


Initiate (14 pts)

Armour 9 (2)
Pluck 4+ (4)
FV +3 (4)
Speed +1 (1)
Hand of God (3)


Prior (29) As Initiate +

Stealthy (5)
Tough (5)
Intuitive (5)


Nun (26)

Armour 9 (2)
Pluck 4+ (4)
FV +2 (2)
SV +3 (4)
Martial Artist (3)
Fire of God (6)
Fanatic (5)


Abbot (45) As Nun +

Inspirational (10)
Eye of God (9)

Five Initiates, four Nuns, one Prior and one Abbot is 248 points (I think).

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  1. When the supplement comes out you are going to love the Vatican's agents, the Cognoscenti, and The Templars ;)
    Very original, well done!