Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Spirit of Saint Olovald

Here's the Olovald (coz I couldn't fit 'Spirit of Saint Olovald' on the name plate) in dock. (It's the brig model from I had loads of fake canvas left over from the module frames so have used that for flags and sails. I've folded the flags around metallic wire (from the Craft Store) and tied that to the poles.

For the sails I've just folded up pieces of canvas and tied them up with the wire. The wire was used for the rigging, too, which is not supposed to be any sort of remotely feasible rigging. It's just supposed to suggest the notion of rigging, while not getting in the way.

The building on the left is supposed to be a templar HQ, or similar, and was made from Zvezda castle bits. The clock tower and watch post module is based on the bird's eye view illo in the Winds of Magic WFRP3 adventure. And the building on the right, I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be, but I need to make a banner, or something, to cover up the door to nowhere.

The bird's eye view of the pieces makes me think that a three year old applied the mud.

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